Sales Building From Existing Customers
EC reduces sales attrition and allows you to build more sales from current customers.

Everyone in sales knows the old adage that you have to keep adding business into the top of your sales funnel in order to offset the natural attrition that runs out the bottom. Customers come and go, and menus and line items are always in flux.

What sales professionals often forget is that it is even more important to keep your hand over the bottom of that funnel, and keep more of the sales you have already invested the time and money to attain. The economic axiom that it is cheaper and more efficient to retain and sell more to your current customers is especially true in the narrow margin foodservice business. For a street DSR this might translate into having only 20 customers instead of 50.

But you "own" those accounts from top to bottom. Fewer and bigger drops maximize the efficiencies and profits for the distributor. For an MSR this might mean selling fewer distributors, but penetrating or "owning" all the pertinent product categories you represent that they distribute. In the end it boils down to selling smarter and recognizing opportunities and risks at the product and category level.


Enterprise Cafe
EC reduces sales attrition and allows you to build more sales from current customers.

Just seeing those opportunities and recognizing the risks in time to take effective action can be difficult. Time and attention spans are short across our industry, while the competition is always at your heels, eager to take a line item or case off your order. And the critical information in this case has a very short life-span.

That is why a tool such as EntperiseCafe.com can be so valuable. EC puts the real-time answers at your fingertips in seconds. In the case of the proverbial "sales funnel" EC quickly brings to the user's attention any potential lost sales, line items and customers that might be slipping to the competitor. This is critical to the sales rep who might be trying to manage a large sales route and portfolio containing thousands of potential line items.

EC's Void Matrix can also help the sales reps sell more to their existing accounts by identifying those most likely to purchase a given item or product line. The goal is to focus critical attention and precious resources (i.e. time) where they can do the most good. Keep your hand over the bottom of that funnel and your sales will grow.


picture They built a Google style search engine on our Business management system.
Now within minutes, I can know anything I want about Sales, Customers and Products. It used to take us weeks before we could get to this level of information.

Kip Palmer, CEO Palmer Food Group.

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