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Increasing member returns and helping the independent distributor grow and thrive in this increasingly competitive market are the key benefits of Enterprise Café for a Buying Group. Enterprise Café gives the progressive Buying Group immediate visibility to all member purchase and sales data – by manufacturer, by product category, down to the individual SKU – across all your members. If you are seriously interested in reducing expenses associated with coordinating member data, while at the same time dramatically increasing the speed and effectiveness of your systems and deals then read on.

Effective, Efficient and Controlled Data Sharing - Making the invisible, visible.

Enterprise Café is a web-based platform used by Buying Groups to provide immediate visibility to comprehensive purchase and sales figures by individual distributor or across all members. We take distributor member PO and invoice data, and put it in an easy to use interface that helps your team of professionals get the most out of it on behalf of the whole group.

It has been often said that managing and coordinating a Buying Group is a little like “herding cats”. The distributor member’s greatest strength is their independence and flexibility to adjust to individual markets and local needs. That same independence creates challenges when trying to coordinate purchase and marketing activities for the whole group.

Today there is a new solution. A solution that preserves the distributor’s independence and local control of their own data, while at the same time giving the Buying Group HQ access to the information and resources they need to maximize every opportunity for the greater group. It’s the best of both worlds!

Imagine having two or more years of member purchase and sales data at your fingertips, with the ability to mine and sift through it as needed, in an easy to use and intuitive web tool. Then imagine being able to share that data and knowledge across the entire organization, with every person in every distributor that needed it. All in seconds, with just a few clicks. See how different product categories, manufacturers, brands or products are performing for each distributor. That is Enterprise Café.

Multi-Unit Coordination Across Distributors

One of the biggest challenges for a Buying Group is the ability to coordinate chain and multi-unit business across many distributors, each with their own ERP and local business focus. Enterprise Café’s innovative “community” approach removes the barriers between distributors allowing for effective and efficient program coordination surpassing the abilities of even the corporate system distributors. Your chain customer’s headquarters can see and monitor all of their units and franchises, for all the serving distributors, in one easy to use interface – in real time. Your members have access to all current pertinent chain information and activity. Even your vendors can see their activity if you so choose. Chain coordination across multiple distributors made easy. That is Enterprise Café.

What is your time worth?

As a senior executive, category manager or member representative you are acutely aware of the value of every minute you spend every day. You do not have time to waste sifting through spreadsheets or sorting through piles of paper to find the answers you need. With Enterprise Café what used to take hours now takes minutes.

No more guess work. No more waiting for distributor usage reports. Members and group administrators alike can both immediately indentify trends across days, weeks, or months to better understand where business is going and why. In Enterprise Café you can quickly compare the current sales versus same period last year, or do dynamic sales comparisons comparing any time period you require.

Get the answers within seconds as to where purchases or sales are down and why. No more waiting for cumbersome reports. No more sifting through mind numbing spreadsheets. Once you have your answers you can address the issues critical to success, and use Enterprise Café to track progress over time at both the group and distributor levels. That is Enterprise Café.

Effective and Efficient Incentive Management

  • How easy is it for you to track your manufacturer growth programs each day, to know where you should focus effort for maximum advantage and maximum payout?
  • Are members or the group leaving easy money on the table?

These and many more questions can be answered using Enterprise Café’s unique and effective incentive management capabilities. In Enterprise Café you can create and manage all your purchase and sales-based incentives in one place – DPAs, coupon tracking, deviations, rebates, allowances, spiffs, contests, etc. – encompassing all manufacturers, products and categories – across members, chains, franchises, customers, and regions.

See all current incentives and how they are creating returns, right down to the order and SKU – in real time. For once you can finally see the exact ROI for every single marketing dollar spent. Identify sales opportunities using Enterprise Café’s incredible reporting capabilities; then take action and create highly targeted incentive programs to maximize returns for the members. Enterprise Café increases the value of the group across all members, while providing a competitive advantage.

At the same time, with just a couple clicks your members can see every program and incentive you offer and provide. Every rebate, and every coupon and every foodshow deal. With Enterprise Café you can tangibly demonstrate the exact value of every deviation and allowance you’ve negotiated for your members over time. There is no better way to enrich your group and member relationships and stake out a sustainable competitive advantage than using Enterprise Café.


Return on Investment Assured

Instead of purchasing expensive BI software with expensive and limited user licenses, Enterprise Café is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Your low monthly subscription covers unlimited users, in your own unique branded web site, along with all the great features and benefits of the application – without any of the headaches that go along with traditional software purchases. No long term contracts. No hardware to purchase. No IT support expense.

To further assure a great ROI, Enterprise Café includes with your low monthly subscription unlimited process support by dedicated experts, experienced in food service industry sales building, rebate and incentive management processes. We also include manufacturer customized training and “habit forming” process implementation programs for your sales reps, along with unlimited web and phone support.

We don’t just sell you the software. We show you how to wring the most ROI out of this powerful tool to address your specific business needs. That is Enterprise Café.


  • 4 to 6 weeks to stabilize data feeds from your system to ours.
  • After that data flows seamlessly between your systems to ours.


  • Starting around $300 to $500 per month for every $1 Million in sales.
  • This is the total cost.
  • EC is SaaS. You have no infrastructure and ongoing IT resource costs.

Return on Investment

  • Immediate visibility to critical information creates significant ROI potential. Results will compound and will increase over time as you build your relationships on facts through immediate access to information from Enterprise Cafe.


picture They built a Google style search engine on our Business management system.
Now within minutes, I can know anything I want about Sales, Customers and Products. It used to take us weeks before we could get to this level of information.

Kip Palmer, CEO Palmer Food Group.

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