Enterprise Café gives you immediate visibility to your sales information and incentive programs across all of your distribution channels and across your entire company – by SKU, brand, product category, distributor, broker, chain, or customer –- in real time. Sound too good to be true? Then read on…

Distributor Coordination and Visibility At Hand

Enterprise Café is a web-based platform used by manufacturers to provide immediate access to comprehensive sales figures, from yesterday to two years ago, across all of your distributor clients. We take your every day invoice data, along with usage reports from your distributors, and combine them in an easy to use, flexible and…dare we say it….fun web interface, putting everything right at your fingertips.

With the flexible Enterprise Café interface you can easily access and manage all of your down-stream data, saving critical time and money. All of your company users see the information they need to see, no matter where they are. Enterprise Café helps you empower your regional managers and brokers with the time critical distributor purchase information they need to manage and grow sales.

And if visibility to Distributor sales is what you seek, Enterprise Café can provide that, too. We start with the traditional Distributor usage reports, then automate and transform them into usable tools in our flexible and easy to access platform. Instead of waiting for outdated or inaccurate distributor sales reports or re-bill documentation you can have access to real time distributor sales data right at your desk. With Enterprise Café you see your lines’ movement over any time period, down to the SKU, order and specific customer. If a significant portion of your business is devoted to chains and major accounts, Enterprise Café can help you view chain business across distributors to ensure profitability and maximize program effectiveness. That is Enterprise Café.

Effective and Efficient Sales Management

Using our custom designed industry focused web tool you can easily see how different sales areas are performing. This could be regions and brokers, sales managers and sales reps, across distributors, customers, chains, franchises and more. See how different product categories, brands or products are performing in each of these channels.

Immediately indentify trends across days, weeks, or months. Quickly compare the current sales versus same period last year, or do dynamic sales comparisons comparing any time period you require.

Get the answers within seconds as to where sales are down and why. No more waiting for cumbersome reports. No more sifting through mind numbing spreadsheets. Once you have your answers you can address the issues critical to success, and then use Enterprise Café to track progress over time and make necessary course corrections towards desired results. No more wondering if your actions are effective. That is Enterprise Café.

Effective and Efficient Incentive Management

Ever wonder:

  • If all that marketing money you spend is actually getting you new business?
  • Do you ask yourself if the investments made in building business at the distributor level are really paying off?
  • Are your chain client’s actually making you money after all is said and done?
  • Are your Buying Group purchase allowances being tracked effectively?
  • Is there money slipping through the cracks?

These and many more questions can be answered using Enterprise Café’s unique and effective incentive management capabilities. In Enterprise Café you can create and manage all your sales-based incentives in one place – coupon tracking, deviations, rebates, allowances, spiffs, contests, etc. – across all distributors, regions, chains, brokers, customers, and sales reps - across all products, brands and product categories.

See all current incentives and how they are creating returns, right down to the order and SKU – in real time. For once you can finally see the exact ROI for every single marketing dollar spent. Identify sales opportunities using Enterprise Café’s incredible reporting capabilities; then take action and create highly targeted incentive programs to capture sales – all in the same place. Make the absolute most of each marketing dollar you budget. That is Enterprise Café.


Return on Investment Assured

Instead of purchasing expensive BI software with expensive and limited user licenses, Enterprise Café is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Your low monthly subscription covers unlimited users, in your own unique branded web site, along with all the great features and benefits of the application – without any of the headaches that go along with traditional software purchases. No long term contracts. No hardware to purchase. No IT support expense.

To further assure a great ROI, Enterprise Café includes with your low monthly subscription unlimited process support by dedicated experts, experienced in food service industry sales building, rebate and incentive management processes. We also include manufacturer customized training and “habit forming” process implementation programs for your sales reps, along with unlimited web and phone support.

We don’t just sell you the software. We show you how to wring the most ROI out of this powerful tool to address your specific business needs. That is Enterprise Café.


  • 4 to 6 weeks to stabilize data feeds from your system to ours.
  • After that data flows seamlessly between your systems to ours.


  • Starting around $300 to $500 per month for every $1 Million in sales.
  • This is the total cost.
  • EC is SaaS. You have no infrastructure and ongoing IT resource costs.

Return on Investment

  • Immediate visibility to critical information creates significant ROI potential. Results will compound and will increase over time as you build your relationships on facts through immediate access to information from Enterprise Cafe.


picture They built a Google style search engine on our Business management system.
Now within minutes, I can know anything I want about Sales, Customers and Products. It used to take us weeks before we could get to this level of information.

Kip Palmer, CEO Palmer Food Group.

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