A "newspaper" that reports exclusively on your Business.


Enterprise Cafe is a dynamic application. The best way to describe it, is like a daily newspaper that reports only on your Business.

  • It tells you where your Business is today in less than 5 minutes complete with Sales figures, GP, Trends and Annual Comparisons on Products and Categories, Sales Areas, Customers and more.
  • If you see something that you need to dig more, it allows you to do that immediately and with full details.
  • Otherwise, in 5 minutes you know all you need to know about your business AT YOUR LEVEL.
  • If you are the CEO or Senior Manager, you see everything.
  • If you are the Sales Manager or the Sales Rep, you see your share of the business.
  • You can even allow your Major Customers and Vendors to see their share of the business.
  • Why should you spend the 5 minutes to know your business? The same reason that you spend 5 minutes a day to get your news. You want to know what is happening and if you don't, you get out of touch with reality very quickly.
  • EC keeps you in-touch with your Business .

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Cost and Benefits
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picture They built a Google style search engine on our Business management system.
Now within minutes, I can know anything I want about Sales, Customers and Products. It used to take us weeks before we could get to this level of information.

Kip Palmer, CEO Palmer Food Group.

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